Closing Plenary

Chair: Asst. Professor Chang Chew Hung
Venue: Auditorium


Closing Plenary
By Dr Pak Sum Low, Adjunct Professor, Mirvac School of Sustainable Development, Bond University, Australia.

City Sustainability and Climate Change

This presentation will discuss how cities contribute to global warming and hence human-induced climate change; and how climate change, in turn, has profound impact on the cities. A sustainable city could significantly contribute to mitigating climate change and its adverse effects. The key factors that affect the sustainability of a city are identified and highlighted. These include unsustainable use of natural resources, unsustainable transport, and unsustainable production and consumption. A city cannot be sustainable if it consumes more than it produces; and if there is a lack of environmental, social and economic sustainability. Innovative technological and policy measures are needed to enhance the sustainability of a city.