IGU-CGE Conference 2016


Geography that matters – empowering learners for a diverse world


IGU-CGE Conference 2016
Main conference in Singapore, 14 – 16 August
Fieldtrip and special symposium in Shanghai, 17 – 19 August

Venue in Singapore: 100 Victoria St, Singapore 188064


The theme of the conference is “Geography that matters – empowering learners for a diverse world”. As a prelude to the main congress theme of “Shaping our harmonious worlds”, the organisers are proposing that a deeper understanding of the diversities in our world will be a necessary condition to shape our harmonious future.


The IGU-CGE 2016 conference is organized by the Southeast Asian Geography Association in collaboration with the Geography Teaching Society of China. The conference features an interesting transect from Singapore to Shanghai, and for delegates going to the main congress, onwards to Beijing. True to the nature of Geography, the programme allows the delegates an opportunity to engage a diversity of landscapes and contexts while discussing key issues of geography education.

The main conference will take place in Singapore (15 – 16 August) followed by a fieldtrip to China with a special symposium held at East China Normal University (ECNU), Shanghai (17 – 19 August). The field visit will include local sightseeing with a local guide from ECNU, and a special symposium the next day. On 18 August, there will be a special symposium on “Geography that matters – achieving the capability of solving problems” with special sessions to understand the state of geography education in China as well as a visit to the Geography Education Laboratory and school visits. This will be followed by a sightseeing tour of Shanghai. On 19 August, the delegation will visit the ancient town Tongli that is in Suzhou. Delegates who intend to join the main congress will then travel to Beijing on 19 August on 5 hr high-speed rail.


Delegates will have one of 3 options:

  1. Attend both Singapore and Shanghai legs before heading to Beijing
  2. Attend Singapore conference only
  3. Attend both Singapore and Shanghai legs but leave from Shanghai.


Please refer to the Registration page for registration process.


More information will be available soon. Please visit the IGU2016 main congress too - https://www.igc2016.org/