Education Forum 2011



Education Forum on Fieldwork in Learning Geography

Date: 16 July 2011 (Saturday)
Venue: Raffles Girls School






What is the forum about?

As a geography educator, are you aware of how our living environment is formed? Do you know how physical and historical factors influence Singapore’s landscape today? How do we introduce places to students through spatial and temporal perspectives?
To help educators develop a better understanding of SPACE and acquire the necessary pedagogical skills to teach this important concept, , the Southeast Asian Geography Association (SEAGA) is organizing a forum on fieldwork inquiry. The objective of this forum is to provide the physical, historical, social, and economic background of fieldwork sites for inquiry.

This half-day forum will invite scholars and practitioners to share their experiences on the contextual understanding of place in fieldwork. In addition, the forum will also provide several sites for participants to engage in field inquiry and discuss how inquiry can be undertaken more meaningfully through a better understanding of the context of places.

Four concurrent breakout trips will be conducted at these sites:

  • Understanding Bukit Timah Hill
  • Understanding the intended use of space for tourism in Singapore
  • Understanding the Urban Thermal Climate of the CBD
  • Understanding the Coast at ECP (to be confirmed)


This will be followed by a joint plenary session to consolidate the learning and discussions generated from the separate fieldtrips.



Tentative Programme:




0800 - 0830


To take place with the respective decentralized groups.

0830 – 1000

Contextual understanding of the field sites at specified venues

1000 – 1045

Bus transfer to the Raffles Girls’ School

1045 – 1200

Forum plenary on the importance of fieldwork in Geography

1200 – 1230



End of Forum



Registration fee is $100 per person. The registration package includes a lunch and a forum kit. An administrative charge of $50 will be charged for cancellation/ withdrawal of registration on and after 30th June 2011. No cancellations/ withdrawals are possible after 7 July 2011.




Please send completed registration formand cheques payable to:

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Southeast Asian Geography Association

c/o SEAGA Forum 2011 Event Organiser

HSSE AG, National Institute of Education

1 Nanyang Walk Singapore 637616

Fax: 68969135



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