International Forum 2007


International SEAGA Forum on

Southeast Asian Futures: Is Geography Destiny?

28th July 2007
National Library Building




 Held in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of ASEAN




Organised in response to popular demand by key members of the SEAGA network, this forum celebrates our 17th year and commemorates ASEAN’s 40th year. ASEAN or the Association of Southeast Asian Nations as a geo-political and economic organization of 10 countries, was formed on 8 August 1967 to promote economic growth, social progress, cultural development among its members, and the promotion of regional peace. In 2005, ASEAN had a combined GDP of about USD$884 billion and a purchasing parity power of $2.755 trillion and the region was growing at an average rate of around 4% per year. While the economies, cultures and environments of ASEAN are diverse, ASEAN is facing challenges at global, regional and national scales.

In its continuing mission to provide a platform for researchers on any aspect of Southeast Asia, from within or outside the region to share their research and work in geography, the humanities, social sciences and related areas. The programme of the forum will include the discussion of themes ranging from urban, environmental, economic, cultural and education futures within the region. These issues are not only relevant to scholars and policy makers alike and we invite teachers, educators, professionals and practitioners to join us in debating our future as a region and a people.

Ooi Giok Ling President, SEAGA &
Chang Chew Hung Secretary, SEAGA

Detailed Programme 

0815 – 0900


0900 - 0905

Welcome Address by Professor Ooi Giok Ling,

President SEAGA.

0905 - 1000

Plenary Session

  • Plenary address
    by Mr Lee Yuen Hee, CEO of the National Environment Agency, Singapore

    Forum Keynote Address
    by Professor Doracie Nantes, University of Philippines


1000 – 1030


1030 - 1200

Parallel Workshops/Sessions

1.      Urban Futures  (Imagination Room)

  • Dr Boaz Boon, Capitaland
  • A/P Kwa Chong Guan,  RSIS, NTU
  • Mr Joseph Hui, NEA 


2.      Economic Futures (Visitor Briefing Room)

  • Dr Denis Hew, ISEAS
  • A/P Tan Khee Giap, NTU
  • Mr Poon King Wang, banker and former A*Star head of research


3.      Media, Education and the Environment (Possibility Room)

  • Mr Koh Buck Song, Hill & Knowlton
  • A/P David Higgitt, NUS
  • Dr Shawn Lum,  Nature Society (Singapore)
1200 -1300


1300 - 1430

Parallel Workshops/Sessions

4.      Political Futures: Role of NGOs in Singapore and Southeast Asia (Imagination Room)


5.      Geography Education Futures (Possibility Room)

6.      Southeast Asian Cultures and Futures (Visitor Briefing Room)

  • Dr Brian J Shaw, UWA
  • Dr Rahil Ismail, NIE, NTU
  • Prof. Linda Ann Thompson, NIE, NTU
  • Dr Christine Han, U of London

1430 – 1500

Tea and closing remarks

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SEAGA would like to thank its co-organisers and hosts: 

Humanities and Social Studies Education Academic Group 


 National Library Board



We would also like to thank our sponsor

 Central Singapore, Community Development Council