Keynote Speakers

Associate Professor Tammy Kwan hails from the Faculty of Education at The University of Hong Kong who has worked on good Practice in Teaching and Learning (includes learning study, problem-based, self-directed, portfolio development, issue-based, inquiry-based, action research, and related resources production); Teacher Education (includes School-University Partnership, Mentoring, Staff and Professional Development); Curriculum Development (includes Geographical, Social, Humanities and Environmental Education); and mapping and Children (primary level); Wayfinding (primary and secondary levels). At HKU, Prof Kwan is the Assistant Dean (School-University Partnerships) as well as an Associate Professor of the Division of Policy, Administration and Social Sciences Education. She is an active member of the IGU Commission on Geographical Education.





Professor Jonathan Rigg is a renowned development geographer concerned with highlighting and explaining patterns and processes of social, economic and environmental change in the Asian region and the impacts of such changes on ordinary people and everyday life. In his work, he hastried to give a ‘face’ to the individuals buffeted by modernisation and ascribe to such people an agency which is sometimes absent in higher level interpretations of change. He has been concerned to treat ordinary people as special and the geographical contexts in which they live – and which they help to shape – as distinctive. Currently with the NUS Department of Geography and previously from Durham University, Prof Rigg has been an avid supporter of SEAGA, having spoken asa  keynoter or a plenary speaker on many previous SEAGA conferences.




Dr Dhrubajyoti Ghosh is a UN Global 500 Laureate for his outstanding achievement to conserve the East Calcutta Wetlands. He is an engineer and a Ph.D. in ecology. He has been the chief of Department of Environment, Government of West Bengal and a member of the National Wetland Committee. An Ashoka Fellow, he was also a member of the Board of Trustees, Worldwide Fund for Nature, India. He is an honorary fellow of the National Institute of Science and Technology and Development Studies. His activities for the last four decades have essentially been towards merging the theory and practice of sustainable development aimed at subaltern well-being. At present he is the Regional Chair for South-Asia, Commission on Ecosystem Management, IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).