SEAGA 2021

27/04/2021 10:06

The global pandemic situation has resulted in the disruption of many activities requiring us to travel. We have originally postponed the SEAGA 2020 conference to later this year, but given the latest development, the SEAGA ExCO and the local organising committee are not confident that there will be sufficient resumption of travel for a face-to-face meeting to occur.

The committees have also deliberated over the benefits and challenges of holding a virtual meeting in-lieu of a face-to-face event but decided not to do so due to a lack of resourcing at this point. We want to have a conference where we can maximise the opportunities to network and interact, and we are not confident we can host one virtually that would meet these aims.

We also do not want to hold back colleagues who have written their research findings with the intention of sharing it at SEAGA to miss the opportunity to present it elsewhere or have it published in a journal.

Hence, it is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that SEAGA2021 will be cancelled.

We do hope to organise a SEAGA conference as soon as global travel becomes practical for more people. We will certainly update you when that happens.

Please feel free to email us should you have any queries.


Stay safe and keep well,

On behalf of SEAGA ExCO and the Thai Organising Committee.

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