Field sessions for SEAGA 2012

06/09/2012 16:02


A tentative programme for the field sessions on 29 Nov 2012 (Thursday) has been drawn up.
Three field trips are planned, including
  1. Living Singapore - Marina Bay Gallery + Heritage Walk in Ethnic Chinatown/Little India (2 groups)
  2. Water resources in Singapore – examples of sustainability as lived and as learned; site visit to a constructed wetland and a green commerical building. (2 groups)
  3. MRT TO Magma Chamber - Examining the geology of Little Guilin in Bt Batok (2 groups)


These field sessions take a maximum of 25 persons per group and are available ona first come first serve basis. Depending on demand, we may open more groups for some of the options.


Signing up for these field sessions will be avilable soon. So please keep a look out.


However FIRST you will need to register for the conference.


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