Day ONE at SEAGA 9

03/06/2008 22:08


The morning started at 9 am sharp with the welcome addresses by Dr. Emerlinda Roman, President of the University of Philippines, Dr. Chang Chew Hung, Secretary of SEAGA (on behalf of President SEAGA) and Dr. Doracie, Zoleta-Nantes, President of the Philippine Geographical Society. The programme then continued with a plenary and two concurrent sessions, with lunch in between. You can find out more about the programme from the events page.


At around 1630, the participants were ferried back to their hotel to freshen up. By 1900, all were gathered for the Conference GALA Dinner. There were cultural performances through the night. Here is a shot of the performance.




As an impromptu performance, the following delegates from their own country sang the following songs:


Australia: Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree

Philippines: A love song sung by Doracie and her student

Malaysia: Chan-Mali-Chan

Singapore: Singapura

Canada/United Kindom: Lumberjack song

United States: Country Road



There might have been one ore two more songs but I cannot recall. The programme ended at 9 pm and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves thoroughly. On to the next day!




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